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Jessie Smith

Jessie Smith

A native of Mississippi, Jessie grew up in a single-parent home with three older brothers and one sister. Raised by his mother, Jessie was taught the value of human life at a very young age and that “EVERY LIFE MATTERS.” This value contrasted against growing up in the south during the 70s, a time when this country was still dealing with racial division and segregation. Jessie was taught by his grandmother and mother that the color of one’s skin doesn’t define the person, but a person’s true character is made clear by one’s actions.

Being a bi-vocational, in Pastoralship and Market Place Management, has given Jessie the opportunity to engage with many different ethnicities and people from varied backgrounds. It has always been his desire to show every person the same love he receives from Christ.

Jessie holds true to the Judeo Christian belief that all people are created in the image of God. To be a part of a movement that is calling the body of believers to be like Christ: to cross social and socio-economic barriers and be racially sightless, brings him excitement and hope for a world that is easily divided. Our prayer is that the Church of Jesus Christ would be a catalyst for bringing lasting change.