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Leray Heyne

Leray is the founder and Overseer of “Windows of Heaven Jesus’s Storehouse”. (Malachi 3:6-12)
As a minister of reconciliation, Leray and Windows of Heaven are spearheading an international movement to restore the preeminence of Jesus Christ in business by equipping the Body of Christ to fervently “Be” the Church at work. (Colossians 1:15-18) Learn more at

Leray is the author of “Restoring The Preeminence Of Jesus Christ In Business.” Leray’s book is a blueprint for re-establishing Jesus’s kingdom in business. In volume 1 Leray lays out phase 1 of the blueprint. He gives Christians a step-by-step guide how to tangibly transform spheres of their influence by participating with the abiding presence of Jesus Christ, through a lifestyle in communion with the Holy Spirit. (get it at

Windows of Heaven TV
Leray also host and produces the international TV show; “Restoring The Preeminence Of Jesus Christ In Business”. The program is a live weekly broadcast that equips Christians how to establish, manifest and sustain Jesus’s Kingdom in business. (via 7 satellites the show airs in 160 nations on 5 continents)

Former CEO and Entrepreneur
Leray is a former award-winning CEO and entrepreneur. In his 18 years as President/CEO of Enjoy Foods International, Leray was honored twice by Ernst & Young, Inc. Magazine and Merrill Lynch as an elite entrepreneur.