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Pastor Rafer Owens

Rev. Rafer Owens is a resident of Carson, California who was born and reared in Compton, California.  He was educated in the local schools and was an honors graduate of Verbum Dei High School in Los Angeles.  He attended UCLA subsequent to high school graduation.

He is Pastor of Faith Inspirational Missionary Baptist Church and has led this flock for 20 years.  In addition to being Pastor, Rafer has worked 30 years as a Deputy Sheriff for the County of Los Angeles, stationed in Compton, CA.

As a Deputy Sheriff he is responsible for the safety and well-being of the citizens in the city of Compton.  Community Relations is his focus and he is the liaison between the law enforcement authority and the community.  In this capacity Rafer has become very familiar with the community and its citizens, its problems and its positive attributes. Rafer has authored a book “The 7 Pillars of community leadership” which gives simple instructions on how to better the relationship between the community and law enforcement.

His duties as Pastor of a church with over 2,000 members on the roll are extensive.  He supervises the direction of this congregation through his God-given vision, is the spiritual advisor and counselor to not only church members but residents in the community, and oversees the programs and operations of the entire church.  Through Rafer’s guidance, Faith Inspirational Missionary Baptist Church is involved in the community on many levels. The church is actively involved in improving not only the physical appearance of Compton through the Compton Initiative/Compton Clean-Up, but its socio-economic standing through its variety of outreach programs.  Under the leadership of Rafer, Faith Inspirational Church is directly involved with all three Compton Unified School District High Schools. Members of the church provide mentoring, tutoring and security services in support of the educational endeavors at all high schools.

As a husband and father, Rafer has a definite feel for the pulse of this community.  He has lived in southern California all of his 49 years and worships, works, shops, recreates in the same community in which he grew up.  He is genuinely concerned about today’s youth and is admired and well respected by both young and old.9