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Sonya Fortune Zamora

Sonya Fortune Zamora

A product of a small-town southern, Alabamian childhood coupled with a Southern Californian adulthood, for as long as she could remember, compassion is the place Sonya has always called home. No matter the race, class or gender, her desire is to ensure everyone feels valued and is treated equally. Whether janitor, the president, or the underprivileged child in grade school, an unrelenting desire for everyone to be treated with love, dignity and equality has always resonated strongly within Sonya. This is why Racial Unity is a cause so close to her heart.

From a business perspective, she’s passionate about Interior Design. As Principal Designer of Fortune Design, LLC, Sonya Fortune Zamora brings more than 20 years experience working with amazing, down to earth, smart, caring clients – which happen to be comprised of world renowned business leaders , high-end developers, and discerning clients in the commercial and residential arenas.

Her passion for helping improve the lives of others, and dedication to servant leadership, helps her identify problems and cultivate the team of people and practices best suited to provide outstanding solutions to each person.